Structural concerns – If you are concerned about any aspect of the structure of your property we can provide a thorough health check. Our report will focus on any particular areas of concern, or can cover the entire property should a full structural appraisal be needed.

You may have found cracks in your walls or your house might just not look ‘right’ with a ‘saggy’ roof or bulging walls. These can arise for a variety of reasons and our engineers will be able to identify the cause and recommend practical solutions. We always hope to be able to reassure you that a structural problem is not serious, but if action is required we will make straightforward recommendations to deal with the situation quickly and efficiently.

Foundation movement is a common cause for concern. This can be caused by subsidence but there are other sources of instability which can include roof problems and poor construction. Alterations such as loft conversions, extensions or the removal of load bearing walls can also be culprits.

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