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Do you have Subsidence Problems? | Structural Engineers Reports Ltd | Servicing Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the rest of the East Midlands.

Structural Engineers Reports have extensive experience of subsidence, and the associated problems of heave and landslip, and how they can affect your property.

Indications of subsidence can range from minor cracking (which can be repaired cosmetically) to very significant distortion and structural cracking, and associated sticking doors or windows, leaking roofs and many other possible signs.  There are a wide range of causes, the most common of which are the effects of trees on shrinkable clay subsoil and leakage from underground drainage.  In coal mining areas, the collapse of underground workings can also cause problems, although these are far less frequent now than in previous years.

Heave is effectively the opposite of subsidence and most commonly occurs when a mature tree is removed or dies, causing moisture levels to rise and hence clay beneath the foundations to swell.

When dealing with matters of subsidence, heave or landslip, an insurance claim is often involved.  If you have already made your claim, your insurer will probably offer to provide you with an engineer but please remember that you can choose your own instead, who’s fees can be included within your claim.  We can provide independent unbiased advice and act in your interests rather than those of your insurance company.

In cases where subsidence is suspected, our report may conclude that further investigations are carried out to help to prove the underlying cause of the property damage. These may include the excavation of trial holes to determine foundation details and the soil type and condition, testing of samples of that soil or an investigation of the drainage system. We may also recommend a period of ongoing monitoring using highly sensitive measuring equipment to determine if the structural movement is ongoing.


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