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Blog - Property Renovation

14 May 2018

To renovate or not to renovate...

So you fall in love with your fairy tale forever home, a period cottage in just the right location. Boxes are being ticked left, right and centre. But you can see that some of the walls look a bit curved and the floors slope. Should you go ahead and make an offer? Or should you run a mile? There will always be someone who tells you not to ‘let your heart rule your head’, someone who will take a sharp intake of breath and tell you that it’s more trouble than it’s worth - but maybe your dream can become reality….

This is where you need professional advice in the form of a structural report, which will give you a clear picture of what you are really looking at. Structural Engineers Reports will give you honest and constructive advice based on the facts found. It may be that moisture will need to be addressed, or an antiquated drainage system needs updating. Over the years, alterations may have been bodged which have created instability. A good report will truthfully tell you the extent of any structural problems and give you the starting point to calculate how much these will cost to rectify. It can be your lucky escape - or your starting point on the road to your dream house.

One such project is featured here – a beautiful cottage that was in need of some work and is now being lovingly restored by its new owners. They are taking great care to use traditional materials and methods where they can. It is painstaking work, but truly a labour of love.