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23 Oct 2018


Our home renovations are coming on apace and with the arrival of the kitchen today, I feel as though we’re on the home stretch. The process hasn’t been without hitch however, and when I popped into an upstairs bedroom last week and saw an alarming crack reaching from the top of the window, I had a bit of a panic. The crack looks alarming to me - should I be worried?

Our Structural Engineers tell me there are various causes for cracking, from unstable timber or walls, subsidence or poor foundations to wind load or vibrations. It is often the case that cracks aren’t caused by one of these things in isolation, but by multiple factors working together.

They go on to explain that the width of the cracks is important to note in terms of whether or not it should be of concern. The shape of the crack is also telling. Vertical cracks may be due to “normal” shrinkage or changes in temperature whereas diagonal, stepped cracks are more likely to be due to foundation movement.

Any cracking in your house should be taken seriously and it’s wise to get professional advice from a Structural Engineer. Happily I have been advised that the crack in the bedroom wall has been caused by the alteration work below and once filled and painted over, can be forgotten.