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Structural engineer's reports

Our philosophy is simple – to provide you with the highest quality Structural Engineers Reports.

Our team of professionally qualified chartered structural engineers have extensive experience of producing Structural Engineers Reports and our approach ensures they are clearly written and make sensible and practical recommendations.

The reports we produce are often linked to a property transaction or mortgage approval but we also investigate properties which may be suffering from subsidence or other types of structural problems.

Having produced many thousands of Structural Engineers Reports, our local knowledge is extensive and can be invaluable in assessing structural stability. With every new property that we investigate, we enhance this knowledge which in turn helps us to further improve the quality of the Structural Engineers Reports that we write.

To underline our approach to service, we are fully accredited to the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard and we carry comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.


Call now: 0333 772 0292

Structural Engineers Reports has worked extensively throughout the East Midlands and particularly in the main centres around Nottingham, Leicester and Derby

We understand that your requirements are not always for a standard form of report.  We can provide general structural advice on any issue that is of concern, or even one that is simply of interest to you.

In addition to our standard reports, our range of services includes assessing the condition of system-built non-traditional housing (including steel framed houses, precast concrete framed houses, no-fines concrete houses and any other non-standard forms of construction), and providing expert witness services for legal disputes over structural matters.

When dealing with matters of subsidence, heave or landslip, an insurance claim is often involved.  Most insurers will offer to provide you with an engineer but please remember that you can choose your own instead, whose fees can be included within your claim.  We can provide independent unbiased advice and act in your interests rather than those of your insurance company.

Whatever your requirements for structural advice and reporting, Structural Engineers Reports can help. Nottingham, Leicester and Derby are our main areas of activity but we also regularly work in and around all other East Midlands areas including Lincoln, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Loughborough and Worksop



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