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Are you Buying or Selling a House and need a Structural Engineers Report? | Structural Engineers Reports Ltd | Servicing Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the rest of the East Midlands.

At Structural Engineers Reports a high proportion of our work is carried out on behalf of either a buyer or seller of a property.

When a property is about to change ownership it is common for a general survey to be carried out on behalf of the purchaser to assess its overall condition. The type of survey may range from a simple valuation for mortgage purposes up to a comprehensive homebuyer report or full building survey. All of these survey types will typically be carried out by a chartered surveyor (RICS) who will have excellent general knowledge of buildings but only limited structural knowledge. This is where we as consulting structural engineers usually come in.

Structural Engineers Reports are often instructed when the buyer’s survey has identified areas of possible structural concern and recommends that a further specialist report is carried out.  Alternatively, a property seller may already be aware of areas of possible structural concern and request us to prepare a report which would be made available to prospective purchasers. 

Our work, whether for a buyer or a seller, will involve a full visual inspection of the property by a chartered engineer. It will focus on the main elements of the property which determine structural stability, including load-bearing walls, floors and the roof structure, as well as checking for any signs of foundation movement. 

Our report will describe the inspection and detail any specific areas where structural issues have been identified. We are well aware that the contents of our reports are often a critical factor in determining whether a mortgage application is accepted, and even whether a sale/purchase can proceed and therefore always try to give positive recommendations in your best interests. 


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